Armature Neue

Armature Neue is an extension and clarification of the original Armature family released in 1997. We made the distribution of weights more even, and added italics extra light and black weights. Originally consisting of four fonts, Armature Neue has twelve: six weights with accompanying italics. Although conceived as a display face, a number of alternate characters are included that can be used to regularize the type for text setting.

Bob Aufuldish:
Armature is one result of my interest in typefaces that are constructed, rather than drawn. Although it is basically a monoline design, there are subtle details throughout that compensate for a monoline’s evenness. As with all fontBoy fonts, there are dingbats hidden away in the dark recesses of the keyboard; in the case of Armature Neue the dingbats are dinosaurs.

Originally designed in 1997. Updated in 2010 with assistance from PsyOps.
Available through PsyOps and MyFonts.