California College of the Arts Undergraduate Viewbook iPad app

We worked with CCA and app consultant Peter Kuo to translate the print version of the view book we designed into an app. More and different kinds of content were added including slide shows, video, and individual pages for each program of study. The idea was to create a denser and richer experience than could be provided by the print version.

A project this involved has lots of moving parts. Here’s the team:
App design and development: Peter Kuo
Director of Marketing at CCA: Clay Walsh
Design and production manager at CCA: Meghan Ryan
Copywriting: Write On Network
Managing editor: Lindsey Westbrook
Principal photography: Alison Yin
Additional images: Jim Norrena
Typefaces: Edmondsans by CCA alumnus James Edmondson; Eidedic Modern by CCA faculty Rodrigo Cavazos; Armature Neue Sans (Beta) by CCA faculty Bob Aufuldish

Download the app directly: here.