David Maisel Mount St. Helens: Afterlife

David Maisel / Ivorypress
photographer’s monograph

Essay by Marcia Bjornerud

From Marcia Bjornerud’s essay:
David Maisel’s previously unpublished photographs of the shattered landscape around Mount St. Helens three years after its eruption in May 1980 are visceral reminders of how shocking it was for a seemingly permanent topographic feature to change its form before our eyes. While Maisel’s images of the devastated mountain remain raw and unsettling, seeing them now, at the remove of decades, reveals new layers of meaning acquired with the passage of time.

This book is from the LiberArs series of artist’s projects published by Ivorypress. The printer developed the ingenious binding method that allows the book to display vertically, thereby relating it to the other books in the series, while opening horizontally, which best benefits the orientation of the photographs.

6 x 4.125 inches
144 pages