Excerpts from Silver Meadows app

photographer’s monograph
Designed with Todd Hido

From, “Print to Pixels: The Digital Photobook,” by Allie Haeusslein—
In contrast to the printed book’s concrete, linear experience, the digital version of Hido’s Excerpts employs dynamic navigation and the integration of new content to provide a unique entry point. Where prompted, a vertical swipe directs the viewer to additional content, ranging from project ephemera, exhibition installation shots, and inspirational source material to alternate photographs and videos taken onsite. Hido explains, “I don’t want [the viewers] to be able to change what I did, but I like that they are able to see the choices that I had to make.” These features intimately map his thought process, decisions, and working experience. Moreover, Hido’s combination of content and digital form set a distinctive tone for the viewer’s experience: swipe too quickly and something will be missed. For instance, all of the videos and slideshows initially appear as still images. Through this design, we are not only prompted to take a longer look at each image—antithetical to the widespread, mindless web surfing of today—but also become more acutely aware of the cinematic qualities of Hido’s photographs and the narrative he has spun in Excerpts.

This project is a working prototype.