Not Square: The Frederic C. Hamilton Building at the Denver Art Museum

Published by the Denver Art Museum celebrating the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Frederic C. Hamilton building, designed by Daniel Libeskind.

From Christoph Heinrich’s essay:
No question, the building is spectacular in appearance. Nothing quite like it had ever been built, with its bundle of angles, diagonals, dramatic perspectives, steep stairs, and long sightlines. Visitors stepping into the atrium for the first time may be awed (even overwhelmed) by the bold gesture of the sculptural building. But as soon as the art comes into view, the architecture seems to step back, pushing the paintings and objects to the front. This dichotomy between the daring three-dimensional presence of the structure and the astonishingly humble, almost submissive versatility of its spaces may best define Daniel Libeskind’s masterwork.

272 pages
9 x 11 inches