Overthrown: Clay Without Limits

Exhibition catalog for the Denver Art Museum

Essays by Gwen F. Chanzit and Donald Kuspit
Installation photographs by Jeff Wells

From the Museum’s website:
Working in all scales, from architecturally expansive to almost impossibly small, the artists in Overthrown employ twenty-first-century technology hand-in-hand with standard modeling and molding techniques. They use digital cameras, computers, laser cutters, 3-D printers, and computer-controlled mills along with more traditional tools. Some push the forms of functional objects. Others push the limits of fragility. They take risks that draw on material chemistry and maverick kiln techniques. Some of their works include not only clay, but also found objects such as metal, plastic, and abandoned industrial materials. Overthrowing our expectations of ceramic art—its size, its context, its methods, and its meaning—these artists show us new ways of using this versatile and timeless material.

2 volumes, each 8 x 11 inches
each volume, 64 pages plus cover
translucent plastic slipcase