RADAR: Selections from the Collection of Vicki and Kent Logan

Exhibition catalogue for the Denver Art Museum
Curated by Dianne Perry Vanderlip
with essays by Gary Garrels, Dean Sobel, and Kent Logan

From Dianne Perry Vanderlip’s essay:
RADAR: Selections from the Collection of Vicki and Kent Logan is a celebration of one of America’s outstanding collections of contemporary art. It celebrates the Logans’ incredible personal vision and discipline and highlights their uncanny ability to put their fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in art all over the world. RADAR is also one of the inaugural exhibitions in the Denver Art Museum’s new Frederic C. Hamilton Building and signals a renewed commitment by the Denver Art Museum, made possible by our new galleries, to feature the art of our times.

Regarding art, the Logans’ personal belief system is simple. Art must be about the times in which it is made and must reflect social or cultural issues that have formed those times. Furthermore, art must be visually arresting and contain powerful imagery that instantly engages the viewer. Though that makes the criteria for the art they collect very clear, I am still amazed at how accurate their internal radar system is and how for the past fourteen years they have zeroed in on some of the most interesting—and significant—artistic impulses throughout the world. These impulses are always motivated by the events of the day: evolving issues of feminism and identity; brash young artists breaking through the stifling, conservative artistic environment of Great Britain; or the fall of the Berlin Wall and subsequent global challenges to communism. The Logans have collected art that exemplifies all these huge cultural shifts, and more.

8 x 11 inches
200 pages