SWA 50 x 50

This 50th anniversary brochure for landscape architects SWA Group is a collection of thoughts about the future of the physical and cultural landscape.

From then SWA president Kevin Shanley’s introduction:
From the strength and—we hope—the wisdom of fifty years, we are now asking questions about the future of our profession, our firm and the world that supports the firm. What will the world be like in 50 years? What has changed most in the last 50 years? What will be the most significant challenges of the next several decades and what do we, as professionals, have to do with those challenges? What kind of learning and training will we need to address the complexity of our nascent century?
As design professionals, we must step up to define the questions that need to be asked, because the answers will shape our future.

Illustrations by Kathy Warinner
5 x 7 inches
64 pages plus cover