SWA Daylight mini site

SWA has a long tradition of sending clients and associates a new year’s greeting. They are meant to be more inspirational than promotional.

Latitude and Daylight Duration
The length of a day at any given location on Earth depends on the site’s latitude (its distance from the equator) and the time of the year. Within each hemisphere, the higher the latitude, the longer the day will be in the summer and the shorter the day will be in the winter. At the equinoxes, the duration of the day is about 12 hours everywhere on Earth.

For 2014, a poster juxtaposing and graphing the duration of daylight over the course of the year in 5 locations. This accompanying mini site allows the user to type in any location on earth and see the amount of daylight for any day of the year. The site also tracks the phases of the moon.

Designed with Michael Thompson of Coded Meaning.